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(May 05, 2019)
miss you guys :)
(May 05, 2019)
and now I've revisited too. lol. maybe i'll bring the servers back someday, who knows.
(Aug 27, 2018)
holy shit...the website is still up. So many memories with yall. Good ol' days
(Jun 03, 2017)
I think the servers should be fixed now. Cleared up some space on the drives.
(Jan 07, 2017)
What's up everyone? Rifle server is up, I just need to change the banner, but I'm lazy right now.
(Oct 25, 2016)
Screenshots are up!
(Oct 25, 2016)
For those still wondering - I'm still alive. Mod is 95% done. Will post screenshots soon.
(Sep 23, 2016)
What's up guys! I will be back to COD starting this weekend. Can't wait to get this Cod2 mod in public beta for you all to see. Hope to see you on Cod1 this weekend.
(Sep 22, 2016)
CoD1 Rifles back up again
(Sep 21, 2016)
AA with cause gray screen so you can't see in-game. Change this in Options\Graphics
(Sep 21, 2016)
CoD2 Multiplayer must be ran as Trilenear filtering. Turn off AA and AF
(Sep 21, 2016)
The singleplayer works fine,and I like it.
(Sep 21, 2016)
I got CoD 2,but multiplayer won't start it goes to a black screen and I have to shut down my computer if I try to end the task.Anyway to fix this?
(Sep 20, 2016)
going to be more busy in real life. Going to still work with mm2 mod and on CB Rifles.
(Sep 11, 2016)
Just got CSGO
(Sep 08, 2016)
going to hop on TS later if your still online around 7-9pm eastern
(Sep 01, 2016)
The people have spoken. I've put sprint on CoD1 Rifles (temporarily). If people like it we'll keep it.
(Aug 27, 2016)
Will be streaming CoD1/CoD2 from time to time, so check out my channel
(Aug 27, 2016)
(Aug 26, 2016)
He must thing you mean mp_hurgent that sniper map.