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Rules for Server Guests

Always follow these rules when on our server. Even if no admins are online, we are always watching.

  1. Hacking or glitching of any kind will NOT be tolerated.
  2. Keep the language clean when you are on our server.
  3. No advertising of other servers or clans.

Expectations for Creative Bullets Members

The following expectations are set out for all members.

  1. Be active on the forums, the game server, and TS.
  2. Respect all admins, members and guests, and always listen to the admins.
  3. Keep the language clean as much as possible.
  4. Do not join other clans (Multi-Clanning) in the same game while you are still a member of Creative Bullets. Multi-Clanning is not, and never will be, allowed.

If these expectations are not met for certain members, they will not gain any new ranks. Any member that is inactive (not in game, on teamspeak or on the website) for more than one month will be listed as inactive. Make sure to let us know if you will be inactive for a while, by posting a new thread in the "On Leave" board of the forums.

The Recruitment Process

Our clan uses standard U.S. Army ranks. The first thing you must do is apply. Once you apply and you meet our requirements you will start the Recruit phase, and may put on trialist tags (i.e. *CB*Name) when told to do so. The recruit trial lasts 1-2 weeks. If you pass the trial your application will be accepted on the CB site. Once your application is accepted, you will be promoted to Private and given +CB+ tags. After that point, you will rank up based on activity. We have promotions every 1-2 weeks, so as long as you are active, you will rank up one or two levels. Check the Members -> Ranks section for a full list of ranks.