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Anything you want to discuss regarding the CoD1 Rifles server - opinions, feedback, questions, and other comments.
Anything you want to discuss regarding our jumps server (i.e. have a suggestion for a new jump map to add to the rotation?)
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All information and discussions regarding the bots server go here. Feel free to offer suggestions, ask questions, etc.
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Call of Duty 1

What's your favorite S&D map?

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Call of Duty 1

CoD1 on a Nokia phone

Watch at your own risk. bad I downvoted my own post.
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Call of Duty 1

Revolt Mod United Offensive

Been messing around with Revolt x4 UO. Kinda though it was a sloppy release so I'm going to update it.Below are some screenshots of new uniforms.Each player xmodel will have it's own glove skin to avoid being dependent on one another. As you see i...
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Call of Duty 1

Even more CoD1 servers...

CB has officially invaded CoD1. I added the following servers today.+ CB + Bots+ CB + DodgeballThe bot servers is just one map - frozen_beta - with 20 bots, all weapons, unlimited ammo + grenades, sprint, etc.The dodgeball mod credits go to Harbin...
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