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[FIXED] Jump Server Crashing Bug

A bug with one of the jump maps was causing the server to crash. It was nm_dual, and it has been removed from the map rotation and server.Should be running smoothly now.
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CoD1 Dodgeball Bugs

If server has been up for a while, sometimes when someone tries to join a team, they stay in spec. Sometimes players are not put back on their team after a round ends (they stay in spec). Teammates spawn on opposite side of gym. People spawn on t...
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FIXED: BUG: End-of-map vote not working

Problem:Regardless of map chosen at end of matches, the map keeps changing back to Office. We've had this issue several times. Something in the config keeps changing.Resolution:In the csgo/csgo/addons/sourcemod/plugins folder, remove the nextmap.s...
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Initial Bugs Discovered [All Fixed]

This is as much for your reference as it is for mine: Changing gametypes while the server is running has weird side effects - i.e. Arms Race gun loadout in Demolition, strange scores after map restarts (16 kills 39 deaths on start of match), etc. ...
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