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#13049206 Feb 08, 2017 at 04:01 AM
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Cool in theory but doesn't match up to eXtreme+. Yeah eXtreme+ is way overkill but it rocks. Here are something that should be changed in CoD2 AWE 3.

#1 Gametypes

Do we really need 20ish gametypes, lol? Many are dubs of the same with some better features. Example ectf and ctfb and ctf should be one. Many are based off the same thing, flag based or many sd based gametypes. The Devs really though people would make custom maps for Onsault, Liberation, and Breakthrough. Why even have lms (last man standing), ithf and htf?

#2 Non Working Scripts

*Anti Camp
*Sprint doesn't work with anti dive bomber script

#3 N00bTubes

PanzerFaust and Panzschreck when we don't have tanks?

#4 Too bland

Seems too much like plan CoD2.
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