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#13049176 Feb 08, 2017 at 03:43 AM
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I got permission to do an unofficial continuation of AWE Mod. I'd like to update AWE a few times then update my other CoD1 mods (Revolt, Rifles Only ect.) to have new AWE code base. Don't really want to go overkill with the time put into it.

CoD1 Only Updates:
Merciless Mod v6 Weapons added; Gewehr, and SVT
Unscoped Springfield

Both Versions:

WEAPONS and Weapon Scripts
+Unscoped FG42
+Sticky Grenade Script
+Flash Bang Grenade Script
+Colored Smoke Grenades via Alt Fire
+Mustard Gas and Flame Grenade Scripts (later on)

- Reinforced SD
- Demoliation

+Freezetag (based off SWAT Mod Team Arrest)
+DOM/WAR/Control Point (whatever I end up naming it)
+Money (Based of SWAT Mod Money)

*Remove Body Search
*Static Crosshairs or reddot toggle?
*Multi Zoom alt fire for snipers
*Body Sink and remove body poof
*Invisible Spawn Protection
*Warmup Round (PAM)
*Weapon Limiter System?
*Side Swap at Half Time
*Jump Monitor Script
*Anti Camping Script
*Remove Ravir Admin Smiting stuff
*Better Blood Fx
*MG42 Cool Down
*Remove Take MG42 Script, doesn't work
*Delay Sprint tapping, stop sprint glitching?

*End of map stats
*Save your rank via server txt file and based off your GUID
*Admin Mode, Admins can free specate always
*Scrim Mode, all Ranks are disabled in scrim
*HUD Text stuff, rank on screen
*Spawn Area Selection System (From Merciless Mod V6)

Might end up only getting around to doing half of this. But every little bit helps.
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