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#12843618 Nov 09, 2016 at 07:41 PM
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Is Visual BASIC .NET even worth learning?

It has something do to with SQL programming, aside from that do people actually use it?

Community College requires two courses in ether Java or Visual BASIC .NET for requirements for Management Info Sys AAS.

Don't have any interest in Computer Science Associate of Science Degree, too much hard math + physics. The Management Info Sys AAS requires two math electives, which I could just pick something easier instead.

Probably will not attempt Bachelors or Master's level due to financial reasons.

Page 41 Management Info Sys AAS

Was thinking:
1) Java over Visual BASIC/Intro to Programming.
2) Intro to Management over Principles of Finance.
3) Fill up math courses with MTH 101 and MTH 107 since they are non-algebra/Calculus based.
#12865585 Nov 18, 2016 at 06:48 PM
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Java sucks. VB isn't great but at least it's .NET. Frankly, Java isn't much of a resume builder, companies really want .NET people much more. Think about how .NET is basically used in every sort of windows application or service. .NET jobs lead you to SharePoint, CRM, Sitecore, Xamarin, it's infinite really. Java is like a rusty old can. They've made .NET accessible across all OSes now with .NET Core so Java IMO is pretty much useless.

Take the VB class. VB itself sucks but VB will lead you to C# jobs. And C# is where it's at.
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