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#12661731 Aug 27, 2016 at 10:09 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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I'd like to get the rifle select mod working again, but other than that, what mods do you think we should put on the server? I like PAM because it's a very small DL for people, also there is no ambience so you can hear things really well. At this point I have ruled out Extreme and Demon Mod.

I think a mod with all of the following would be great:

  • Full (unscoped) rifle select menu, including M1903.
  • Blood mod.
  • Killing Spree/Stats/K-D
  • Sprinting

Anything else? I guess if worse comes to worst we can make this mod ourselves.
#12662543 Aug 28, 2016 at 06:56 AM
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You may have to build a mod from scratch. PAM's Weapon Limiter makes adding new weapons and removing old ones from menus nearly impossible.

MM2 Blood mod should be easy to add in. You'd have to call it in callback setup, players (your main player script), and gametypes The blood pools need minor editing to remove gibbing.

MM2 Blood FX requires you call the Hitloc somewhere.

Also MM2 has a friendly fire punishment system. Which damage is reflected when you TK too many times.

COD2 AWE Headpopping, players heads pop off (without custom headsplitter models) this script is small and should be easy to get into a new mod,

KIlling Spree, MM2 has a basic killing spree script in the players gsc. It doesn't award killstreaks or anything like that but works good for a tiny script.

Sprinting ,MM2 has a sprint system which is pretty basic. You could add in Tallys MW3 sprint animation so players move hands when in sprint.

B2F has all of it's unscoped bolt rifles with Bayonets. Also has some custom grenades.

AWE has a body sink script to remove dead players from map. Haven't been able to get to work. But SD gametype does remove dead players which you could check the script there,

Turret Overheat, ex+ version requires a FPS time script and some way to weapon pause/weapon delay. Most of the scripts code is disabled and can be simplified into a smaller script.

CoD1 AWE has a patch yourself up script which could be ported to CoD2.

I think we should build a new mod. I can build a Rifles Only Mod with like 4-5 Rifles. Then Kraken could build from there adding in stuff like PAM half time side swap etc.

I have a GiHub and VSO account so if we need to share code to work together. Otherwise works fine too.
#12664030 Aug 28, 2016 at 04:26 PM
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Alright. I'm starting on the mod. I'm going to try to get a decent scriptmenu to work with zPAM anyway.
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