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Our servers are located in New York, NY, and are hosted by RamNode ( RamNode is a VPS (virtual private server) dealer. Our Call of Duty 'servers' are actually all on one server hosted by RamNode, running in Linux. We currently have a max allowance of 6-8 servers (any game). Below are some descriptions of our current servers (servers are for Call of Duty 1 unless otherwise noted.)

  • Rifles - A basic rifles-only setup running AWE 2.12. Our most popular server.
  • Jumps - Our jump server, running the AKK mod useful for saving/loading positions. 60 min timelimit.
  • Dodgeball - A special mod where soldiers become dodgeball players in a gymnasium.
  • Bots - 20 bots, stock + heavy weapons, unlimited ammo/grenades - anything goes.
  • Rifles (CoD2) - Our CoD2 rifles server, currently running zPAM.
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